Any DoorStorm Ultra™ (DoorStorm Forcible Entry Units or "Units") parts or materials determined by DoorStorm Enterprises to be defective in their normal and intended use will be subject to the following Limited Warranty:

For defective parts or materials, DoorStorm Enterprises will either: (a) furnish replacement parts and labor, subject to the exclusions found below, free of charge for such parts and labor, for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase as documented on the Certificate of Ownership, or (b) refund the original purchase price of the Unit in lieu of replacement. There shall be no warranty of any kind after the time period related above have expired.

This Limited Warranty does not cover defects that arise out of: (1) acts of God; (2) accidental or intentional damage; (3) malfunctions or failure of a Unit which were caused by repairs or modifications by persons not authorized by DoorStorm Enterprises, or by the use of parts and accessories not authorized by DoorStorm Enterprises; (4) misuse of the Unit; (5) abrasion or surface scratches on the Unit; (6) abrasion resistance or discoloration of the Unit caused by the accumulation of dirt, atmospheric particulate deposits or exposure to adverse or hazardous chemical or environmental substances or conditions as determined by DoorStorm Enterprises; and/or (7) defects identified after the time periods related above expire. The following conditions shall not be considered defects: (1) water seepage, or (2) normal weathering of any painted surface.

In no event shall DoorStorm Enterprises be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages, nor damage caused by failure of any Unit caused by non-trained personnel. DoorStorm Enterprises' sole obligation and liability and the purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy in connection with DoorStorm Forcible Entry Units or their use or application, whether based in warranty, contract, tort (including negligence) or any other legal theory, shall be strictly limited to replacement of the Unit, plus cost of shipping and handling, or at DoorStorm Enterprises' sole option, a refund of the original purchase price upon return of the Unit to the address below. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs in sending Units back to our facility for any/all warranty repairs or Unit returns. Call 1-888-444-4656 for return address.


THE MANUFACTURER WARRANTS that the Products known as DoorStorm™ Forcible Entry Systems and/or Secure-Me™ Termination Anchors WILL BE FREE FROM MANUFACTURING DEFECTS. There are no OTHER warranties, implied or express, arising out of trade, usage, or any other circumstance whatsoever which extend beyond SUCH MANUFACTURER'S LIMITED REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY AND the description on the face of the Products known as DoorStorm™ Forcible Entry Systems and/or Secure-Me™ Termination Anchors. The Products known as DoorStorm™ Forcible Entry Systems and/or Secure-Me™ Termination Anchors are not warranted to be fit for any particular purpose, nor do they carry any implied or express warranty of merchantability. ANY WARRANTY PROVIDED AT LAW OR OTHERWISE SHALL BE VOID IF THE PRODUCT IS MISUSED.

As a buyer of any of these DoorStorm™ Forcible Entry Systems and/or Secure-Me™ Termination Anchors, you acknowledge and agree that you are not relying nor have you relied on the seller's skill, judgment, or marketing materials to select or furnish suitable goods to you; you further acknowledge and agree that the DoorStorm™ Forcible Entry Systems and/or Secure-Me™ Termination Anchors have not been presented as fit for such purpose(s) as you have identified or any other particular purpose.