How it works:

Easy Trade-In / Trade-Up Program

Trade-In / Trade-Up is an ideal program for customers who want an easy way to dispose of their old, unwanted hydraulic forcible door entry equipment and lower the price of their new advanced DoorStorm equipment purchase. The program provides customers with a certificate of credit which can be used towards the purchase of a new DoorStorm Forcible Entry unit.

  1. Select your product
    • Find the DoorStorm Product that fits your current Forcible Door Entry needs.
    • Visit our website at for all information on our products.

  2. Check for eligibility
    • To qualify for this program, end-customer must be the legal owner of ANY of the qualifying products listed below, and DoorStorm Enterprises reserves the right to validate legal ownership.
    • Limit 5 Promotional Products per Customer.
    • The Trade-In / Trade-Up program is available in the U.S. and Canada through your local distributor or the DoorStorm Sales Team.

                                                                      Qualifing Units

  1. Fill out paperwork
  • Fill out Trade-In / Trade-Up Program paperwork and if qualified then you will receive $150 Certificate for your new DoorStorm unit.
  • Click here to fill out paper
  1. Ship us your product
  • Please note that leaking hydraulic fluid units must be sealed in protective poly bag prior to shipping.
  • UPS and FedEx and other shipping carriers will not pick up your unit if seepage is noted.
  • If you have any questions about how to ship your unit back, please let us know as we are fully versed in returning these defective and potentially hazardous units.
  1. Submit proof of purchase
  • You may need to submit proof of purchase for old, outdated, broken forcible entry devices. Your DoorStorm representative will advise you if this is necessary.
  1. Receive your certificate
  • You will receive your Trade-In / Trade-Up certificate within 2 weeks of receipt of your information for $150.00. 

For more information on product availability to meet your specific needs, pricing and order placement, contact the DoorStorm Team @ 1-888-444-4656 or         e-mail

Note: End user redemption only.
May not be combined with other promotions.
Void where prohibited.