DATE: November 14, 2010

SITUATION: A mentally unstable man armed with several rifles shooting rounds from his rear door of his home into surrounding neighborhood.

On November 14, 2010, the Ohio State Highway Patrol Special Response Team was requested to assist a police department in northern Ohio with an armed man shooting various rifles in his neighborhood from the rear of his residence. The team arrived and immediately setup a perimeter to contain the incident and began negotiations. After several attempts to make contact with the armed man, a decision was made to deploy gas in an effort to drive the man outside his home so that an arrest could be made.

Gas was deployed through the windows on three sides of the structure and it was determined that the front door needed to be breached in order to assist in contacting the suspect and provide a potential avenue of entry for the team. The front door consisted of a steel screen door and an interior wooden door.

When the suspect was once again at the rear of his home, a team moved up to the front door finding the steel screen door locked. They immediately utilized the “Door Storm”. The Door Storm enabled the team to covertly open the screen door without being compromised. Once the door was open, the team then attached an explosive charge to the wooden door and retreated to an armored vehicle for cover. When the command was given the wooden door was breached and within minutes the suspect was secured.

Needless to say the "Door Storm" proved to be a valuable tool that day.