DoorStorm Testimonial

Early this year, my Fire Company received an AFG Grant. As we are very active in providing RIT/FAST team assistance to many neighboring fire departments in our county and the adjoining county, we had a real need to purchase a hydraulic door tool. Initially we identified that we wanted a one man tool free of hydraulic hoses and easy to use. Once we began to do more research, it was discovered that most hydraulically powered door tools are prone to leakage, can fail under load and do require at least monthly exercising to ensure that the tool is functional.

Many of us have used hydraulic door tools in the past, but we did not like the idea of having hydraulic fluid leak, the chance of a cylinder failure under load or having to mess around with that hose hanging in the way while you and your partner try to gain entry. We looked at this issue and wanted an alternative that would be 100% reliable 100% of the time. Luckily for us we stumbled on the DoorStorm. We contacted the DoorStorm people and asked if we could view the tool on a trial basis. They were more than happy to accommodate our request and a unit arrived within a few days for trial. We were immediately impressed with the ruggedness and simplicity of the DoorStorm and how user friendly it was to operate. What we also liked about the DoorStorm was how easily even inexperienced firefighters were able to grasp the concept of its use. The decision was made to purchase the DoorStorm.

Soon after arriving, our DoorStorm was put to its' first test, even before we could begin department wide training on the tool. Our fire department was dispatched, along with Law Enforcement, to do a status check of an elderly woman's home who did not answer her door. Our Chief was first to arrive along with a patrol from the Sheriff's Dept. The elderly female resident was observed through a window on the floor but unable to get up and open the door.

At this point we had not even placed the DoorStorm into service, but the Chief requested it be brought to the scene a block away to open the door. Within only a few seconds and with no past experience of use, our personnel were able to open the door of the residence with very minor effort and little damage to the door or the frame. The door was easily re-secured after the call was finished.

The woman in need of assistance was transported to the hospital with many health issues and recovered. She has since moved to an assisted living facility where she can be better cared for. The Sheriff's Deputy on the scene was so impressed with the DoorStorm having never seen one, if he could take it to be viewed by his supervisors on the SWAT Team for consideration. We have also had requests by Law Enforcement to borrow our tool for training and for felony warrant entries.

Our fire department also protects the many buildings that are home to our County Government, where the prospect of having to force many doors during a fire operation is a real cause of concern. We chose the DoorStorm for this reason. It is reliable, easy to use, ruggedly built and from what we believe also fireman proof. Its cost is comparable to that of the other major door tools on the market, but what places the DoorStorm above the others is the fact that it is 100% mechanical in operation and uses no hydraulics. To this point, we have been very impressed and are completely satisfied that we made the right purchase. We would recommend the purchase of the DoorStorm to any agency who is looking for a reliable, rugged, dependable alternative.

Jeff Cardinali,Captain
Wampsville Vol. Fire Co.
Wampsville, NY