Prior to ordering the DoorStorm units, I wanted to set up a forcible entry bag for our engines. In that bag, I wanted to include a lightweight, fast and efficient forcible entry tool. I had previous experience with the classic, hydraulic style "rabbit tool", so that was my first consideration. I did some research and stumbled upon your website. The DoorStorm has delivered. It is lightweight and easy to use. Spreading force is phenomenal and requires little effort. We have used the DoorStorm in a variety of situations, from fires to simple lockouts and check well being calls. We have also used it to create a purchase point during auto extrication training. Some of my coworkers were a little skeptical about this tool when we got it. But since putting it in service, I have heard nothing but good feedback. I can honestly say I have heard "I love that thing", a few times. We have had zero issues or problems with the units mechanically. Thank you for a great product.

FF/PM Blaise Clairardin Public Education Specialist

Villa Park Fire Department