About Us

DoorStorm Enterprises:

From its very inception, DoorStorm Enterprises has been a
"solutions-based" company. Since the design of our first product,
businesses in various industries have benefitted from our

Established in 1995, our success stems from a commitment to be
the best at what we do. Over the years, we've cultivated a team
of highly skilled professionals who share our deeply held
values of honesty, integrity and a commitment to
excellence. We also share a passion for our work.
The result - a company with a national reputation
for both integrity and innovation. The
benefits of our research can be gauged in the
products we produce and the problems we solve.

Today, the firm's headquarters are
located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
DoorStorm Enterprises products are sold throughout
the United States and in multiple countries around
the world.

The company produces several product lines
including emergency escape devices for firefighters,
otherwise known as "Secure-Me™"Termination
Anchors, door entry systems and fire department accessories,
just to name a few.

The company maintains an R&D group steadily
engaged in designing new products for various
industries, including firefighting, US Marshalls,
DEA, law enforcement, defense, military and
generator component systems.

Striving for further advancement sets
DoorStorm Enterprises apart, defining
us as a "total solutions" company, leading the industry
today and forging us into the future.